• The Ultimate Performance Infrared Sauna: JNH ProSeries 200

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The Ultimate Performance Infrared Sauna: JNH ProSeries 200

Enriching Lives, From Hospitals to Home Since 1989

30 years ago, JNH Lifestyles began building infrared saunas for use in hospitals and clinics in Asia. We saw the difference that sauna use made in the lives of patients, bringing healing and pain relief. From there we expanded into New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.—always with the goal of helping people live joyful, natural and healthy lifestyles.

Today we are building on that legacy with the introduction of our first specialty sauna series thoughtfully constructed specifically for athletes. We were inspired by the hardworking professional and non-professional athletes that give their all every day, suffering the aches and pains, bruises and strains that come with pushing themselves to new limits.

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What Sets ProSeries Apart?

1/ Full Spectrum Heaters

Receive all the health benefits a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna can offer. Nine Carbon fiber heaters surround you emitting mid and far infrared waves. One strategically placed panel at your spinal column delivering near infrared powered by LED technology.

2/ Industry Only Core Heaters

Two winged core heaters that's unique to The ProSeries 200 targets your mid-section organs and lets you position your joints specifically to reap the healing benefits.

3/ Largest Cabin

Built with athletes in mind to recover in comfort, The ProSeries 200 is the largest single person sauna cabin on the market. This accommodates broader body types while keeping your sauna footprints to the minimal. 

Saad Awad, MMA Fighter

"I love my new ProSeries 200 Full Spectrum Sauna. I was able to set it up by myself and it takes up very minimal space. I love that the infrared doesn’t get too hot so I’m able to use it much longer versus other saunas that just get too hot and overwhelm you with heat. I also get the benefit of red light therapy! That’s definitely a plus! Thanks JNH for making an awesome home sauna that’s perfect for any setting. You guys rock!"

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Health Benefits of ProSeries 200

Natural & Non-Invasive Therapy

Treat your aching muscles and minor cuts and bruises without drugs or injections. Regular sauna use is a natural, non-invasive therapy for you to boost athletic performance naturally. Winding down post-exercise in the sauna raises your body temperature, causing your body to work to cool down, relaxing you and helping you to sleep deeply. During sleep your body produces natural hormones that stimulate cell reproduction and regeneration for enhanced recovery. 

Improve Flexibility

Stretch in the sauna pre-workout and loosen your muscles and joints. Research out of Auburn University found that the penetrating heat of a full spectrum infrared sauna could improve flexibility by over 200%!

Faster Recovery

Recover faster after a hard work out and get back in the game quicker. Proactive management of exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) with heat minimizes your downtime, enhances your endurance, boosts your body’s natural painkillers, and reduces muscle fatigue so that you can take your training to the next level.

Deep Tissue Conditioning

Treat joint pain and trauma to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones with deep tissue heating. Near-infrared light increases blood circulation, moving oxygen-rich blood to depleted muscles and combating inflammation. The heat promotes cell health and survival.

Increase Endurance

Increase your endurance! Full-spectrum infrared heat delivers nutrients to your muscles, reduces your heart rate, and boosts exercise capacity. Sauna use increases your blood flow and plasma volume, putting less strain on your heart and pumping more blood to tired muscles and skin so that you can go the distance.

Love the health benefits?

Capturing the Sun's Rays to Boost Your Health and Performance

You can now speed up healing, enhance conditioning, improve flexibility and ease aching post-workout muscles in your home, without drugs or supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

Is finance available for the JNH ProSeries?

Yes, we have partnered with Klarna to offer financing to our customers. Conveniently pay for purchases over time with monthly financing. After you're approved, manage purchases and set up automatic payments in the Klarna App. For more information, please visit our Klarna page.

How does the ProSeries full-spectrum infrared sauna promote healing of wounds?

As the body temperature rises, circulation increases, and blood vessels dilate. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process helping to treat bruises, cuts, sprains, strains, and spasms. The increased circulation also helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Studies have looked at the effects of radiant (infrared) heat for promoting the healing of wounds on the skin, reducing pain and inflammation, and preventing tissue death.1

What is the maximum temperature for the ProSeries 200?

Unlike traditional saunas which operate on high heat, the JNH ProSeries200 full spectrum infrared sauna is designed to work at lower temperature in order for the user to receive full health benefits that it offers. Our maximum temperature setting is 140F. This temperature setting allows users to sweat profoundly and comfortably.

More Questions? Visit our FAQ Page or Call us on (888) 666-1019

Georgi Karakhanyan, MMA Fighter

"The ProSeries 200 is one of a kind. I wanted my personal sauna at my home as it can be crowded at the gyms that I train in. I recover faster and better using it. I have no hesitation in recommending it to any of my fellow fighters."

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